Friday, January 9, 2015

Good Bye 2014! Hello 2015!!

Well first semester was a killer. I realized quickly I had over extended myself and was trying to do to many things all at one time. For a new administrator (or teacher for that matter) that is the quickest way to run yourself into the ground. I needed to step back from something in order to keep my sanity and unfortunately I chose this blog and my TpT account.

Christmas break was wonderful and exactly what I needed! My amazing parents came in and spent a week here in AZ. We worked on so many projects and finished my new office!  I now have a wonderful place to work on all my new TpT products!


 If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you already know this but one of the major reasons I am able to continue TpT and the blog is this brand spanking new computer!! I am in LOVE with this computer!! I got a new Dell All-in-One and it is sooo cool! Wireless keyboard and mouse and no clunky modem box!  I also got a much newer version of Microsoft Office and let me tell you I have been living in the dark ages with my 2007 Microsoft Office!

Besides all these home projects we also took a trip to Vegas! It was great to see some of my mom's family and play the slots! I walked away with a little more money than when I got there so I call that a success! The Christmas decorations were beautiful! They even had a real snow globe you could walk through to make it seem like to were actually outside playing in the snow!

We stayed at the Paris Hotel and as always it was wonderful! One of the days we ate the new Italian restaurant located right in the Paris.  Martorano's had amazing food and fantastic service!!
I'm already thinking of recreating this eggplant dish!



Hope you all had a wonderful break!