Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Weather & a Big Win ...Did you catch that Freebie??

So I dont know if you have been watching the news but ....
Ya that really happened! We got hit with a HUGE storm system. In case you don't know ..I live in ARIZONA -- the land of the sun, beautiful blue skies 350 days out of the year, the desert dry heat. We got slammed! It went on record as the wettest day EVER in AZ history. It was so bad -- SCHOOL was CLOSED! We got a rain day!! It has been almost a decade since my school district had to close for a weather/emergency related incident. This may seem like a silly thing but I live in a rural area and there was no way I could have gotten to work! CRAZY!

These pictures were taken right by the park in my development!

In other news both of my Fantasy Football teams came up BIG WINNERS!! 1-0-0!!

Did you catch the Flash Freebie?? If not make sure you are following me on TpT so you can grab the Freebies!!

Since BOTH of my teams won I put my ENTIRE store on sale for one day!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Sunday Scoop


Hi Yall!

I'm linking up with Teaching Trio's Sunday Scoop!

This week should be really busy! Between admin meetings, IEP meetings, Parent meetings, Teacher Eval meetings my week should be jam packed!

Three Things I Need to Do:
I have a ton of house work that needs to get done this week. Laundry, dust, vacuum and organize my closets. I also need to organize my work calendar so I am ready for the week ahead.

Two Things I Hope to Do:

Fall is here - well not really but if I keep my house chilly enough it will kinda feel like fall :) Seems like a good time to start hanging all the fall decorations I have stored in the garage. I also need to sit down and meal plan for the next two weeks so I can grocery shop. 

One thing I'm happy to Do:
I bought a few new sellers products on TpT and have been having so much fun working on new stuff. I also have a blog post that I want to publish soon on our Extreme Book Resource Room Makeover!! I hope I can find the time to work on that!

Make sure you check back Tuesday Morning to see if one of my fantasy football teams won and collect your FLASH Freebie

Have a Great Week!! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

September Currently

Listening: I have been having a wonderful lazy weekend watching Netflix.

Loving: Three day weekends are my favorite! Amazing chance to recharge !!

Thinking: About how much I LOVE my new Paprika App! If you haven't used this APP yet buy it now! If you are having a hard time planning your weekly meals this is the App for you!
Reasons why I love this App:

1. I can have it on my phone! Saves so much time when shopping that my list is on my phone.

2. I can store all the recipes I pin or love from other blogs right in the APP!

3.Once I choose what recipes I want for the week it will generate my shopping list so I know exactly what I need to buy. 

SUPER COOL APP PEOPLE!! Huge time saver for me!

Wanting: Nothing- I am truly blessed! I am trying to find balance in my life so I am not only the best administrator I can be but also the best daughter, sister & friend I can be. 

Needing- As I continue to move forward in making my TpT store successful I am in constant need of clip art that matches my specific units of study- Ancient Civilizations. 

3 Trips- Italy, London & Paris - My dream would be to go on a European Cruise and visit all of these places.

Happy Labor Day Friends!