Friday, July 3, 2015

Where to Eat in Vegas? Part 1

I big pink puffy heart Vegas. Since I have moved to AZ six years ago I think I have been to Vegas at least 6-7 times!! With so many teachers are headed to Las Vegas for the first time for the conference, I thought I would share some of my favorite places to eat when I stay in Vegas.

First up ...
The Paris Hotel
3655 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 946-7000

I love staying at the Paris Hotel. It is always so reasonable no matter when I decide to make a quick getaway to Vegas. The inside of the hotel looks like (what I would imagine) the streets of Paris look like. Cobblestone paths, bright blue skies full of puffy white clouds with really cute little shops lining the streets.

One of my favorite quick places to grab a bite is La Creperie. The line is usually pretty long if you wait to long in the AM but man is it worth the wait. I have gotten the St. Louis and the "Favorite" both were amazing! Cheap (for Vegas) and quick option.

A new restaurant in the Paris is Martorano's. This was by far one of the best Italian meals I have ever had that wasn't cooked by my grandmother or mother. It also has a very cook old school/new school vibe. Really modern in its decorations but has classic mob movies like Casino playing on on the big screen TV's.  I had the eggplant and chicken parmesan they were both packed with flavor! If you are going to Vegas with a group of people they encourage you to share your entrees as the portions are huge. This restaurants is a bit expensive but if you are looking for a good food and AMAZING service its worth the splurge.

Last one for Paris Hotel is Mon Ami Gabi. This restaurant has an amazing patio. If you go here please go at night and you will have the best seats in town for the Bellagio water show. I have had the mussels and they were fantastic. Get extra bread ...its so good!!

If you need a nice activity to avoid spending money in the slots ....

Go see ...

I recommended this musical to everyone who visits Vegas. Its very affordable ( especially for Broadway quality shows) and you get the experience of seeing a show in Vegas without spending a small fortune.

Next time I will show all the amazing places in The Venetian!!

30 Before 30 List

I recently turned 29 and I thought it would be fun to create a 30 Before 30 List. There are so many things I want to do ..

1. Plant a tree in memory of someone
2. Go on a road trip with friends
3. Go on a family vacation
4. Learn to cook better and healthier
5. Swim with the Dolphins
6. Step out of my comfort zone at least once a month
7. Host a fancy dinner party
8. Reach the 10K mark on Tpt.. If that is made early --- 15K
9. Attend a midnight viewing of a movie
10. Visit a winery
11. Pamper myself - facial or massage at least 4 times
12. Go to a concert
13. Visit 10 new places/ restaurants
14.  Take a creative class
15. Read at least 15 new books
16. Develop a morning routine
17. Take a spontaneous road trip or adventure
18. Redecorate a room in my home
19. Meditate- Yoga more often
20. Complete at least 1 DIY project a month
21. Blog at least once a week
22. Redo the Backyard
23. Run/Walk in a race
24. Pay off one of my student loans
25. Send three people a surprise in the mail
26. Go 24 hours with out any form of technology
27. Schedule the Dr.'s appointments I have been putting off
28. Learn to make clip art
29. Have friends over at least once a month - and text or call out of state friends
30. Take a vacation out of the USA

I will check back soon to see what  I have accomplished :)