Friday, September 27, 2013

Five for Friday

I'm trying my hand at my first linky party! Hope I am doing this right.

This week was a whirl wind! We are quickly approaching the end of the first term so things are finally in full swing.

1. We started the week looking at Author's Purpose. The week before we created a foldable on the different types of authors purpose and Monday we finished our posters. Each group had a list of different pieces of text and they had to create a graphic organizer poster. Each group needed to explain how they would classify the different examples using text evidence. They did a GREAT JOB! Some groups got really into it and made amazing "posters". One group even created a cootie catcher authors purpose interactive game.


2. Moving into the week we worked on reading The Lorax and identifying the authors purpose for writing the book. They had to write a letter to another student explaining why they thought the book was written citing text evidence to support their analysis. I almost cried when one of my kiddos asked if I thought that the trees and the thneeds were symbols for bigger issues!! Made my day!!


3. In writing I assigned one of my favorite projects!1 It was Shark Tank Week! This project went over so well with my 8th grade friends. They are really excited to create their product and advertisement campaign. We watched a few clips from the show so they could get a better idea on how to present their product and what investors might ask during their sales pitch. I cant wait to see the final products. Check out my TpT store for the full project and explanation!

4. Reader's Workshop is going over really well. My students love being able to sit in the bean bag chairs and read for 15-20 min. everyday. I need to run back to the book store to get more books as they are reading them faster than I thought! I realized I need to stagger the new books I buy so I constantly have a new stream of books to add to the library every week.

Picture 5. I got my new logo and banner!! I am in love with it and am thrilled with how my site is turning out!

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