Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Peek at My Week!

ONE MORE WEEK!!! Fall break is right around the corner and I am really ready for a break! I am currently completing my internship for my Principal certification and I am worn out!! Here is what is happening this week:

1. Since this is the last week of the term and break is coming I really want to finish our class novel "The Outsiders". We are just a few chapters away from the end and each time I have to say "Ok guys put away the books" I hear... "NO!!" Music to my ears!! When we finish a class novel we always watch the film or a live production. I love that in the CCSS it gives me permission to show films in class!! My students cant wait to compare and contrast the film vs. novel.
2. My district has moved to a more formal assessment system and one of the new additions to the assessment schedule has been adding in CFA's. CFA;'s are Common Formative assessments and all students K-8 take them on the power standards in ELA and Math. We rocked the first CFA on character aspects and need to take the second one on Author's purpose this week. One class has already taken part A and the beauty of these assessments is that there is a part B for retesting. I noticed many of my students had a hard time with understanding what the bias in the speech was so as an instructor I am able to use that data, reteach and give a second assessment to see if they have reached mastery level. As much as I hate testing this has truly made me a more proficient and effective teacher! Not to mention they are quick-- only 5 questions so it doesn't take that much time!

3. As one of my internship duties I have been planning our first Family Math Fright Night for this Thursday! I can't wait!! Each grade level will be creating different math games for students of all ages to participate in. I have a ton of work ahead of me but I am ready! I will post an update later this week to tell you how it went!

Picture 4. Did I mention FALL BREAK is almost here!!!! I have family coming into town so we will be traveling and having a great time! 

Have a great week everyone!! Don't forget to check out Mrs. Laffin's Laughing's blog to see what everyone else is doing this week.

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