Saturday, April 5, 2014

Currently & Five for Friday

I'm running  a little late with this post but if you read through my currently you will understand why! 

Listening: This show is hysterical! My new Netflix obsession! Next up..Finishing House of Cards
Loving: I think I am looking forward to summer break as the kids are! This year has been amazing and I will really miss this years group of 8th graders. But the pool, lazy days and sleeping past 5AM will be amazing!
Thinking: AHHHHH! I can't believe that AIMS testing week is already upon us! My kiddos have worked so hard all year that I am sure they will do great!
Wanting: Ugh! I am really allergic to whatever is currently growing right now in SW Arizona. I haven;t stopped sneezing and coughing. Blah! I have gone to bed early every night this week!
Needing: Same as above but I did find a new brand of cough drops that I really like. It's probably not new but rather new to me. They are the Walgreen's brand of Honey Lemon cough drop!
Hours & Last Day: My last day of school is May 22nd and we will only have to go a half day!! 7:30-1:15 even better teacher's can check out at 1:30!

This week we have been gearing up for AIMS week! If you remember Sunday I told you guys that we have been working on our AIMS Boot Camp competition! We completed one of my favorite activities the content vocabulary group assessment. I gave my content vocabulary test as a group test and they could use any flashcards they made. The amount of questions they got correct would be the amount of points added to their teams score. And as a bonus the team that receives the highest score gets an additional 200 points! Fantastic!

NO END IN SIGHT ..... I guess I will go buy more Kleenex and cough drops! 

Here are some things I have been obsessed with lately:

Dream Nude Air Foam- AMAZING! Goes on so smoothly and doesn't feel like I have on any makeup.
 Trader Joe's Cookie Butter - Fantastic!! I love it on gram crackers! Yummo!

 I am loving my new RoKu machine. Works so much better than me old, crummy, ridiculosly expensive and now it doesn't work blueray player.
 Bought a pair of these wide leg trouser pants and can't wait for them to get here! They will look great with my new suit jacket!
We started reading our final novel "Milkweed" By Jerry Spinelli! I cry every time we read this book! If you have never read it I highly encourage it especially if you enjoy books about WW2 & the Holocaust.


  1. I love New Girl too! Hope your allergies go away soon.

  2. Hmm. I've only read one Spinelli book and it was Stargirl and I HATED it. I think I might have tried to read another one of his but gave up. BUT since you said WW2/Holocaust, I just promoted that book to the top of my list.
    :) Erin

    1. I will say it starts off a bit slow and isn't your typical holocaust book but it gets better every time I read it! You will have to let me know if you like it!

      I get mixed reviews from the kids..last years class didn't love it and this years class LOVES it (and laughs at the jokes! )