Sunday, April 13, 2014

Peek at My Week

This is going to be another Peek at My Week Rewind!  yet another crazy busy week that ended with our schools HUGE carnival!

Last week was the dreaded AIMS testing week! We made it through the LONGEST.WEEK.EVER! Now onto more fun activities! We have our 7th and 8th grade field trip quickly approaching!! Can't wait! 

As I said before this week ended with our annual PTA AIMS Carnival!! A ton of prep work went into making this years carnival a success..

The amazing people at the Lewis Penitentiary donated their lights for the third year in a row! Renting these lights would have been a HUGE amount of money so, being able to borrow them is always a treat! I happen to have a hitch on my car so I am usually drafted to go and help bring them to and from the prison. A kid overheard that I was going to be going to the prison but I don't think he heard why ...he told one of the other teachers that he always knew Miss C had some thug in her...good grief!! LOL

One of our fundraisers for the 7/8 class overnight trip is running the carnival concession stand. This is an EXHAUSTING process but ultimately fun and by now we have it down to a science!  One of the items that we sell, along with the hamburgers, hotdogs, popcorn and nachos are bacon wrapped jalapeno & mushroom poppers. The night before the carnival we cut, cleaned, stuffed and wrapped well over 100 jalapenos and mushrooms. 

My hands were still burning by the next day! Above is a picture of my BFF thank God her and Jen were there to keep me awake! It was way past my bedtimeby the time we finished prepping!

 Here is a pic of the finished product ...ok this isn't my picture! I was sooooo tired I forgot to take a picture of what they looked like! But trust me they were delish!

On Friday (aka Carnival Day) we had to finish the final part of testing and then it was time to get to work...
I made 100 bags of cotton candy..this is the messiest job ever by the way! It seems like it would be so much fun but 3 bags in I was already covered in cotton candy and over it.

Here are some pics of the night:

This is just one of the many reasons why I love, love, love my school!

And last but not least I also got my scores back on my Admin tests ....
WOOT! WOOT! Beyond happy that I will not need to retake these (expensive) tests!!

Fun week but I am excited for things to calm down just a little! Hope everyone has a great week!

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