Saturday, August 30, 2014

Follower Appreciation FLASH FREEBIES

I feel like I blinked and summer ended and school started. August went by crazy fast!

Quick Recap of August: 

1. I am LOVING my new position!

2. August turned out to be my BEST MONTH EVER selling on TpT :)

3. I have sooo many topics I want to blog about! Can't wait to sit down and get all my ideas out!

4. The TpT conference helped me see I was doing some things the "hard way" when creating products that I am learning some of the more efficient ways of doing things. Because of these tips I am creating products much faster!

5.  I am so ready for fall..and this is very silly because AZ doesn't really get fall weather. I am ready for long sleeve shirts, pumpkins,  fall decorations and .....FOOTBALL :)

Speaking of football something you may not know about me is I am in 2 fantasy football leagues. Last season I took the whole thing and won the championship ( didn't hurt that I had Peyton Manning and Calvin Johnson on my team :) ) and  I am itching for a second big win!!  In honor of my banner month and all of the new followers I have acquired I want to share the love!

So here's how this FLASH FREEBIE will work :

1. Make sure you are following me on TpT & Bloglovin :) 
2.  Every Tuesday Morning I will announce if one of my Fantasy Football teams won- If ONE of my teams win I will be posting a BRAND NEW product for FREE -- but it will only be free for a few hours.
3. If BOTH of my fantasy football teams win that week I will not only post a BRAND NEW PRODUCT but I will also put my entire store on SALE for the ENTIRE DAY.

My Fantasy Football regular season runs from September 4th -November 24th so be on the look out for FLASH FREEBIES!

What are you most looking forward to doing this fall?