Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Weather & a Big Win ...Did you catch that Freebie??

So I dont know if you have been watching the news but ....
Ya that really happened! We got hit with a HUGE storm system. In case you don't know ..I live in ARIZONA -- the land of the sun, beautiful blue skies 350 days out of the year, the desert dry heat. We got slammed! It went on record as the wettest day EVER in AZ history. It was so bad -- SCHOOL was CLOSED! We got a rain day!! It has been almost a decade since my school district had to close for a weather/emergency related incident. This may seem like a silly thing but I live in a rural area and there was no way I could have gotten to work! CRAZY!

These pictures were taken right by the park in my development!

In other news both of my Fantasy Football teams came up BIG WINNERS!! 1-0-0!!

Did you catch the Flash Freebie?? If not make sure you are following me on TpT so you can grab the Freebies!!

Since BOTH of my teams won I put my ENTIRE store on sale for one day!!

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