Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer Scoop!

Hello...doubt anyone is still reading this lil blog. I have been a horrible blogger since moving to the new job. I was sitting and talking to someone recently and I realized I haven't blogged in MONTHS and I think I figured out why. As most of you know I took on a new job as Assistant Principal and found it hard to figure out what I can and cant blog about. I think with one year down I finally feel ready to begin blogging about all amazing things my admin team have been working on for the upcoming year.

Vegas is coming up!! Anyone going?!I cant wait!!

So what's new ....
One thing I am SUPER excited about is getting a major backyard facelift...
Coming Soon!!
                  Phase 1:   Before                                                              After

More to come soon ..I promise!

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  1. I had to LOL at your "spend the day in pajamas" comment. Funny how the little things can make us so!! As a person with a pool in their back yard, I think you're going to love yours when it comes to fruition. Looking forward to reading more on your blog...